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Industrial Pump and Air Systems, Inc. provides a complete line of pumps and related products for industrial and mining applications. Some of those products are:

      ANSI centrifugal pumps (from cast iron to CD4Mcu), multi-staged horizontal or centrifugal, well pump
      4" and larger, self-primer pumps by Gorman Rupp, split case pumps, sanitary pumps, progressive
      cavity pumps, vertical turbine pumps, submersible pumps, metering pumps, high pressure pumps, air 
      operated single and double diaphragm pumps, boiler feed pumps, chemical magnetic drive pumps, 
      Hyspan expansion joints, flex connectors, ball joints, and much more. (Please see our Products Page)

Our sales department can engineer complete systems to meet your individual needs and requirements.
And pump surveys are available to assess your company demands.

With our hard work ethic, many years of experience, and the highest quality products, we look forward to serving you and your industrial equipment needs. Our staff is committed to providing quality engineered products and services to our customers at competitive prices.

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